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Science Fiction and Romance from Surrey author EJ Jackson

About Neon Sky Books

Neon Sky Books has been the imprint for books by Independent Author EJ Jackson since 2014.  Based in Surrey, England, it sells online and at occasional book fairs in the United Kingdom. 

If we were offered the chance to live for ever, would we take it?If we knew that someone was developing an opportunity to live for ever, would we stop them?  With a small cast of characters Jackson tells a story that’s passionate and memorable. Her chapters are short and blunt-nosed and she sensibly leaves us to flesh out her players as she weaves a wholly credible tale.Well worth finding time to read, for its love of humanity and its hope for us all.

Amazon Review
Loved this writing. Pure literary entertainment.
Jonathon Nichols
A really good read which kept my interest and I liked the twists at the end.
T Pittock
Hampshire, England

About the Author

EJ Jackson


Aldershot-born author Elaine Jackson (writing as EJ Jackson) is the author of thought-provoking science fiction mysteries: 'The Journey & other Short Stories', 'The Methuselah Paradox', 'Minding Mama & Other Short Stories'. Her first non-science fiction title is a romantic novella, 'New Leaf'. 

Elaine is currently working on a post-apocalyptic adventure story titled 'Minding Mama', which will be illustrated by Oregon-based illustrator and film-maker Dan Schaefer.